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For more than 20 years, Mike Warczak Hardwood Flooring has been serving the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area as the leading provider of hardwood flooring.  When you are in the market for new hardwood floor installation or refinishing hardwood floors, you need to consider the expense, materials, and customer service. You are going to want to choose a company that has the expertise and integrity that not only will get the job done right, but for the right price! Warczak Flooring is involved in all areas of hardwood flooring from hardwood floor installation to refinishing hardwood floors, color matching, custom stain colors and restoration work.  We know how central our customers’ homes are to them.  Your home is most likely the largest investment in your life, and as such, it is entitled to be treated with great attention and respect.  This is the reason we strive to shoulder the responsibility of your hardwood flooring project and leave you stress-free.  Warczak Flooring is distinguished for keeping to a firm schedule, in order to finish your hardwood floor installation affordably and in a timely manner!  Furthermore, we are highly regarded for customer satisfaction.  Our specialists make every effort to make sure our customers are completely happy with the results of their hardwood floors.  When Barrington homeowners want the top-rated company in the region for refinishing hardwood floors and hardwood floor installation, there is only one name they need to know – Warczak Flooring.

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Barrington, Chicago is an affluent suburb that is located in both Cook and Lake Counties.  There are nearly 31,000 residents who make Barrington their home.  It is identified as the seventh wealthiest Zip Code in the United State.  There are approximately 4,000 households found in Barrington, and many of them require the services for hardwood flooring that Warczak Flooring provides.  We are aware that refinishing hardwood floors can be complicated if it is done by amateurs.  Consequently, it is no wonder that Barrington customers prefer the capable and highly skilled professionals at Warczak Flooring.  With our custom finish, the hardwood flooring in your Barrington home will be wholly protected from any water damage or day-to-day wear and tear.  Your Barrington hardwood floors will have a rich color and brilliant sheen after we refinish them.  Furthermore, refinishing hardwood floors is known to bring out the wood grain patterns and contribute to preserving their beauty for the years ahead.  Warczak Flooring knows all too well that selecting the appropriate finish for your hardwood flooring can be an intimidating task.  That is why we will help you navigate through the process of choosing the best options and procedures that will suit both your Barrington home and your budget!

Barrington Hardwood Flooring Installation

If you have been considering having a new hardwood flooring installed, you need to contact Warczak Flooring.  You will discover that our hardwood floors will give your home the unique look you have dreamed if and contribute to its overall value.  No other flooring quite compares to the equals the richness and beauty of hardwood flooring.  Warczak Flooring offers customers a broad selection of choices from traditional hardwood flooring to a more sophisticated and modern appearance, and anything between the two.   No matter if you choose to select one of our popular hardwood floors like White Oak and Red Oak, or one of our more exotic hardwood floors like cherry, maple and walnut, you can be certain that Warczak Flooring’s hardwood floors are the durable answers to the daily beatings they take.  For the most elegant and long-lasting hardwood flooring in the Chicagoland, call Warczak Flooring today at: (847) 791-8154 for your FREE estimate!

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