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At Mike Warczak Hardwood Flooring, we have been serving customers in the Chicagoland area for over two decades for all things hardwood flooring. Anyone who is looking for the best and newest in hardwood flooring needs to take a look at Warczak Flooring to get the job done well! We take care of everything from refinishing your existing hardwood floors, as well as new hardwood floor installation and color matching, custom stain colors, and restoration work. We are very knowledgeable about the process of hardwood flooring, and put it to use for you. There is no question that your home is your biggest investment, and it should be handled with care and respect. We take all the responsibility for making sure your project is done well, so you don’t have to waste time and energy stressing about the job. We are recognized for always keeping on our schedule, so we will complete your project promptly and affordably. We are proud of our excellent reputation for great customer service and care, and our satisfied customers are our main goal. Whenever homeowners in Lake Zurich need new hardwood floors, they choose Warczak Flooring!

Lake Zurich Hardwood Floor

Lake Zurich is located in Lake County Illinois. It is a northwest suburb of Chicago, and the village had a population of 19,631 as of the 2010 US census. Lake Zurich is named after the body of water of the same name, which is located completely inside the village. It was rated one of the “Best Places to Raise Your Family” by Frommers. The residents of Lake Zurich know how important it is to choose professionals to install or refinish their hardwood floors, and that’s why they choose Warczak Flooring. You don’t want to trust this job to amateurs, it could turn out very badly. Warczak Flooring will do the job well and affordably. Your hardwood floors will impress you with their rich colors and lovely sheen, which brings out the beautiful wood grain and preserve their look for many years.

Lake Zurich Hardwood Flooring Installation

If you are ready to have your hardwood floors redone or have new ones installed, you really need to contact Warczak Flooring. Our experts will give your home a new and exciting look at a price that makes sense for you and your family. The class and sophistication that you get from hardwood floors simply can’t be matched. We offer White Oak and Red Oak, as well as the more exotic styles like cherry, walnut, and maple. Although your floors take a beating, the finish that Warczak Flooring applies will make them last for years. For the best hardwood floors in Lake Zurich, contact Warczak Flooring today at (847) 791-8154!

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