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Mike Warczak Hardwood Flooring has provided the best in hardwood flooring to Medinah and the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area for 20 years and counting. Our customers in Medinah know that when searching for new hardwood flooring there are many matters to take into consideration. All aspects of the project are important, including quality of materials and the professionalism and skill of the installers. Customers prefer a company like Warczak Flooring that has the background and experience you can trust to do the job well, and the integrity that is so important. Warczak Flooring handles all aspects of hardwood flooring, from the installation to refinishing as well as color matching, custom stain colors, and restoration work. The experts at Warczak Flooring know how important your home is to you – in fact it is probably the biggest investment in your life! That’s why Warczak Flooring treats your project and your home with such careful attention and respect. Warczak Flooring is well known for maintaining a schedule, so you know your job will be completed in a timely fashion and for a good cost. In addition, we are known for our great customer service and satisfaction. Residents of Medinah know that when considering hardwood flooring, Warczak Flooring is the only name you need to know!

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Medinah is an unincorporated community that lies in the northeastern part of Illinois. It is a suburb of Chicago located largely in DuPage County, between the villages of Roselle, Bloomingdale, Itasca, Elk Grove Village, and Addison. The residents of Medinah know that it’s important to choose professionals when having your hardwood floors installed or refinished. Amateurs can really give you an unfavorable result. Therefore, Medinah residents know how important it is to choose Warczak Flooring. With our custom finish, your beautiful new hardwood floors will be protected against any water damage, as well as the wear and tear of daily foot traffic. The lovely color and luxurious sheen of your new floors will amaze and impress you every time. The refinishing brings out the natural wood grain patterns. Choosing the best finish for your hardwood floors can be tough, but Warczak Flooring can help streamline the process and leave you satisfied!

Medinah Hardwood Flooring Installation

If you are thinking about having new hardwood flooring installed in your home, or having your own floors refinished, you really its time that you reached out to the experts at Warczak Flooring. No other flooring available today can compete with the beauty, richness, and luxurious sheen of a new floor from Warczak Flooring Choose between traditional options like Red Oak or White Oak, as well as more exotic choices like maple, walnut, and cherry. Whichever type of wood you decide, you know that Warczak Flooring will be a long-lasting and beautiful solution for your home. Call us today for your FREE estimate! (847) 791-8154

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