Custom Finishes

When it comes time to refinish your home’s hardwood floors, look no further than the dedicated and skilled hands of Worczak Flooring. The finish is the top coat on the wood that protects from wear and water damage. Finishes give the floor its sheen and color and can bring out the pattern of the grain. Finishes are a great way to keep your floor’s beauty for years to come. Call Mike Warczak Hardwood Flooring for your next custom finish.

The process begins with you selecting the finish that’s best for your project. With so many options, the process can seem daunting. That’s why I provide my expert advice every step of the way. There are hundreds of options whether you’re going with light or dark wood, a surface or penetrating finish, high-gloss, satin, and not to mention a wide array of stain coloring options.

Common finish options include:

Water-based finishes dry quickly, resists yellowing, mild odor after applying, durable.

Oil-based finishes are very durable, are amber tinted, and have a mild odor after application.

Acid-cured finishes have a strong odor after applying, but are extremely durable and dry quickly.

Moisture-cured finishes dry quickly even in humid conditions and a very durable. They are also more moisture resistant than other finishes.

Wax finishes penetrate into the wood to form a protective barrier and have low-gloss sheen. Regular re-application is necessary.

Acrylic impregnated finishes are injected into wood floors and form a super durable protective coat.They are more often used in high traffic commercial spaces.

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