Custom Stain Colors

The right stain is the perfect finishing touch for your hardwood floor, but the staining process can be a bt tricky. Without the proper technique, applying a stain can be a messy and potentially expensive ordeal. Achieving the desired effect is an art in itself. So why not have it done right the first time and call Mike Warczak Flooring for all your staining needs?

Stains can really make the grain and texture of wood pop and can really amplify your floor’s beauty. I specialize in custom stain colors, so whether you want a one of a kind look or something more traditional, you’ll get exactly what you want. Pick a color that complements or contrasts your wooden furniture or cabinetry. Deep browns and reds can create rich warmth, lighter shades can brighten up a room, and black can be a striking modern statement. Go for a unique look with bright colors, or stick with a clear finish if you prefer the natural color of the wood.

I will help you chose a color that complements both the wood and your interior, and of course will always work with any budget.

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