Hardwood Floor Sanding

Like most parts of your home’s structure, hardwood floors require maintenance. Sometimes there is a need for an expert to match existing hardwood flooring. Floors can succumb to water damage, scratches, or less drastically, wear from daily use. Areas of high traffic can wear out more quickly, losing their luster sooner than low traffic areas. Damaged and worn floor boards need to be replaced to ensure structural integrity, and to maintain your home’s beauty.

If you are thinking about expanding your existing hardwood flooring to other rooms, or have any other project that requires matching call Mike Warczak Hardwood Flooring today. I have all your hardwood floor sanding needs covered. 20 years of experience have brought me unparalleled skill to sand your existing hardwood flooring.

Replace damaged floor boards, or sand and re-stain existing floor.

Large scale renovation projects

Match your floors to your kitchen cabinets or furniture


I guarantee that I can restore your hardwood floor to its pristine condition, so that there is seamless flow and consistent color match between new and existing floors. If you have a project in mind that requires hardwood flooring sanding don’t hesitate to contact Warczak Flooring.

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